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    Great things never came from comfort zones ?>

    Great things never came from comfort zones

    This little saying has been my mantra this year, more than ever I am pushing myself to do things I am not comfortable with doing, in order to continue to grow this little business of mine. In fact, lately when considering what direction to go or what choice to make, I am often choosing to do what I am most nervous about doing. Basically, if the thought of doing something makes me want to throw up- it is probably the…

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    Behind the Scenes Video ?>

    Behind the Scenes Video

    Well hello there!!! If you have been following me for a while, you know that recently I have been creating more video posts to showcase my work, my life as an artist, promote giveaways etc….I don’t love doing these videos for all the reasons you would not love doing one, but man are they great for my business!  So here is a peek into what I am working on now and what I fill my days with (besides raising 3 cute boys)….thanks…

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