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    How to wear…The Carmen Cuff ?>

    How to wear…The Carmen Cuff

    The Carmen Cuffs are not new to the website, but they have been loved by bracelet wearers for years. I have been wearing the same 2 for a few years now, they can be casual, or dressy, just as most of my jewelry can be. And here are a few ideas on how to wear your Carmen Cuffs! For all the watch wearers…add a Carmen Cuff to take your watch game to the next level, I have even mixed these…

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    How to wear, the Aiden Necklace ?>

    How to wear, the Aiden Necklace

    Hi friends! I thought once a week I would do a blog post showing you some simple style ideas for some of my jewelry designs. Keep in mind #1 I am a jewelry artist, not a stylist and #2 I am not a model. But the chances are, you aren’t either! So onward! This week I am featuring the Aiden Necklace. It is a 2 in 1 necklace so the layering is done for you. Direct links to pieces are…

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    My Holiday Gift Guide is here….. ?>

    My Holiday Gift Guide is here…..

    Happy Holidays~ I wish you could all come to my local farmers market so we could talk gifting face to face. When customers come to my booth, I have them tell me who they are shopping for. Once I know the age & style of the female they are shopping for, I know exactly what jewelry to suggest! So, here is my guide to gifting grayc glass this holiday….. ~The young ladies in your life~ My Maria Studs are popular…

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    Like Nordstroms- but BETTER! ?>

    Like Nordstroms- but BETTER!

    When I think of “good customer service”, great quality, elegant, and “on trend”  I think of Nordstroms. For me, they are the industry standard of a great shopping experience. I try to emulate Nordstroms…. Amazing product High quality Excellent customer service On trend, but wearability long term Fast comunciation with customers But here is the grayc glass bonus: Handmade in a small studio in Northern California This means, if you see a pair of earrings online and you would love…

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    New arrivals are here… Earrings to update your fall look ?>

    New arrivals are here… Earrings to update your fall look

    Welcome to an official grayc glass blog post- not just an email blast to everyone on my email list, but this post gets put on the website so feel free to leave a comment, I love comments!!!! Before I start talking earrings, I want to tell you something you might not know about grayc glass.  I do custom work. What this means; if you are really loving a certain pair of earrings on my website (for example) but you wish they were smaller…

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    The Best Jewelry to take on your Summer Vacation ?>

    The Best Jewelry to take on your Summer Vacation

    Summer is almost here!  And while I have over 300 pieces of jewelry on the website, I thought I would round up some of my best pieces to take on your summer vacation……I am thinking pieces that are easy to wear, lightweight, and can go with multiple outfits…. Here are a few of my favorites… These Swirly White Cube Hoops  go with everything, and because of this, they have been a best seller from the start.  They are available in hand…

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    Behind the Scenes- grayc glass for the Holidays ?>

    Behind the Scenes- grayc glass for the Holidays

    Well friends~  I am not going to go on and on about how busy of a holiday season it has been for me- because I know it has been just as busy for you too!  Although it has been a bit wild, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness at all the support for my little business….. Here is a look at what I have been up too planning and executing a grayc glass Holiday Season…. I spent a few hours tracing and cutting out…

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    An artist’s life- according to my iPhone ?>

    An artist’s life- according to my iPhone

    Well first let me start by saying, I have 100% stolen the title “life according to my iPhone” from an interior designer I love and have been following for years…. at least once a month she does a blog post with this title and they are my favorite as I feel like I get to look into her world and what she does on a day to day basis.  Amber Interiors website is amazing,  and yes, her blog posts and pictures…

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    Circle Mosaic Nightlights ?>

    Circle Mosaic Nightlights

    They are here!  My square mosaic nightlights have been my biggest selling nightlight design for years.  This circle shape is harder to make but they are just lovely and I think they will be a HOT item!  I have been working on this new circle mosaic design for a few weeks and they are online and ready for purchase.  My nightlights are the perfect piece of functional art, and I have sold over 10,000 nightlights since I started making them 12…

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    Silver cuff bracelets/ new jewelry online/ fun mosaic nightlights! ?>

    Silver cuff bracelets/ new jewelry online/ fun mosaic nightlights!

    Well hello friends~  Here is a quick lowdown on what is happening at grayc glass…. This week I whipped up a few mosaic nightlights but instead of doing my standard square shape, I made them circles, it was a bit more work but they turned out beautiful!  I will be making more and adding them to the website, so stay tuned- and message me to pre-order.   I have been looking for a sign for my farmers market table for…

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