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    Holiday gift guide ?>

    Holiday gift guide

    As always, I have to put together a little gift guide for the holidays! Especially if you are new to my work, I hope this will help you narrow down the perfect piece for the specific woman in your life. Pretty sure this is obvious, but if you click on the red products names you will be directed to the exact pieces on the website….easy! ~The Keep it small & delicate woman~ Are you shopping for a woman who….. Loves…

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    Take your Zoom call to fashion to the next level! ?>

    Take your Zoom call to fashion to the next level!

    A great piece of jewelry is all you need to take your zoom fashion to the next level. With so many of my customers on zoom, I thought it would be fun to do a blog post showing how different pieces can really pull a look together! I have noticed the last few months I am selling more shorter necklaces, I have to think that this is intentional.  Since zoom is waist up, wearing a shorter necklace just makes sense.  …

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    What I wore on my family beach trip ?>

    What I wore on my family beach trip

    We took our 3 boys on a week long beach trip this week.  It was wonderful. We knew going into it that we would be experiencing this getaway differently….masks, outdoor eating only, and other limitations.   I only brought a few pieces of jewelry.  And I thought I would show you my go too’s for a casual beach trip. Nothing was fancy about my “look” and I even ended up wearing clothes repeatedly as it was colder than I had planned…

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    How to wear, The Double Circle Necklace ?>

    How to wear, The Double Circle Necklace

    The double circle necklace is the perfect minimal piece to wear alone, or layer with other necklaces. The linked circles are handmade by another lovely female artist and are either sterling silver, gold filled or a combo of both. And here are some ideas how to wear…. Layer the Double Circle Necklace with a longer necklace Layer your Double Circle Necklace with another layered piece for a 3 layer look…. You can also layer the double circle necklace with one…

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    How to wear…The Carmen Cuff ?>

    How to wear…The Carmen Cuff

    The Carmen Cuffs are not new to the website, but they have been loved by bracelet wearers for years. I have been wearing the same 2 for a few years now, they can be casual, or dressy, just as most of my jewelry can be. And here are a few ideas on how to wear your Carmen Cuffs! For all the watch wearers…add a Carmen Cuff to take your watch game to the next level, I have even mixed these…

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    How to wear, the Aiden Necklace ?>

    How to wear, the Aiden Necklace

    Hi friends! I thought once a week I would do a blog post showing you some simple style ideas for some of my jewelry designs. Keep in mind #1 I am a jewelry artist, not a stylist and #2 I am not a model. But the chances are, you aren’t either! So onward! This week I am featuring the Aiden Necklace. It is a 2 in 1 necklace so the layering is done for you. Direct links to pieces are…

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    My Holiday Gift Guide is here….. ?>

    My Holiday Gift Guide is here…..

    Happy Holidays~ I wish you could all come to my local farmers market so we could talk gifting face to face. When customers come to my booth, I have them tell me who they are shopping for. Once I know the age & style of the female they are shopping for, I know exactly what jewelry to suggest! So, here is my guide to gifting grayc glass this holiday….. ~The young ladies in your life~ My Maria Studs are popular…

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    Like Nordstroms- but BETTER! ?>

    Like Nordstroms- but BETTER!

    When I think of “good customer service”, great quality, elegant, and “on trend”  I think of Nordstroms. For me, they are the industry standard of a great shopping experience. I try to emulate Nordstroms…. Amazing product High quality Excellent customer service On trend, but wearability long term Fast comunciation with customers But here is the grayc glass bonus: Handmade in a small studio in Northern California This means, if you see a pair of earrings online and you would love…

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    New arrivals are here… Earrings to update your fall look ?>

    New arrivals are here… Earrings to update your fall look

    Welcome to an official grayc glass blog post- not just an email blast to everyone on my email list, but this post gets put on the website so feel free to leave a comment, I love comments!!!! Before I start talking earrings, I want to tell you something you might not know about grayc glass.  I do custom work. What this means; if you are really loving a certain pair of earrings on my website (for example) but you wish they were smaller…

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