• “Let’s Rock Spring!” Jewelry Collection ?>

    “Let’s Rock Spring!” Jewelry Collection

    Brace yourself, this is a long one, but I think you will enjoy…

    I had so much fun designing my new 2018 spring collection, it was a collaboration of creating styles I have not done before, and revisiting styles that have sold well in the past.  Spring is my favorite season to design jewelry for and I hope you love how grayc glass is ROCKING SPRING!

    The Marlie Necklace- in white

    The Marlie Necklace is a 2 in 1 necklace that comes in a bunch of colors on the website, it is a simple dime sized fused glass circle.  The shorter layer is a hammered circle, both this and the fused glass piece are handmade of course.  They are strung tother at different lengths making layering easy!  Available in sterling silver or gold filled and 2 different lengths.

    Here is the Marlie in Pale Pink…

    The reason the Marlie was my focus for Spring is the huge success of the Sierra Necklace from a few years ago….women loved loved the easy layering of the Sierra and I wanted to offer more in this style.  Here is the Sierra that continues to be a best seller…

    Kendall Necklace

    The Kendall Necklace is offered in a few color combos as well….this is the “Short” Kendall.  This is also a 2 in 1 necklace.  Turquoise glass beads are strung with vintage brass charms and a swirly coral fused glass charm.  This necklace is only available in gold filled (for now).

    This necklace is most unique as the fused glass piece is strung into the side of the chain as opposed to being the centerpiece of the necklace.  This is my personal favorite piece for spring!

    The long verson….

    And here is the Kendall in Peach – layered with a circle collar necklace…The fused glass piece on this necklace is transparent pale pink.

    Baby Rings

    they have been around since last summer and are a best seller, especially the white and pale pink.  I LOVE this picture my photographer got of Melissa showing off a white baby ring.  There have been a few new colors added to the website, black, bright green….make sure to check them out!

    Bar Bracelets

    The bar bracelets are simple, understated and really unique.  They look great layered with other bracelets like I have one paired with my Carmen Cuff here….they also look great worn alone for a more simple look.

    *Side note, how amazing is this shirt?  PB & J Boutique in Chico California dressed our model for this spring shoot- always grateful PB & J!

    The bar on this bracelet is handmade in the USA, hand hammered sterling silver or gold filled.

    I have 3 colored bead options available, coral, turquoise, and grey agate…..

    And since this bracelet looks so great with the Carmen Cuff, you should know I lowered the price of the Carmen Cuffs…I got a great discount last time I ordered the metal bracelet and I am passing the savings on to you, they are now $58.

     Echo Earrings

    I wanted to make a fun, bold geometric earring for spring, and the Echo Earring is it.  The hand hammered squares are made by another female artist and I add my fused glass cubes to the bottom, they are also available in cobalt blue.

    Frond Earrings

    The Frond earrings are a repeating leaf inspired pattern and are as lightweight as they look.  Available in swirly white, swirly coral, and swirly blue….unless you have another color in mind?

    And available in sterling silver or gold filled of course!

    The Marquis Earrings are now available in swirly black & clear.  Black, white, and grey are such a staple for many of my customers, and these earrings go great with all those colors.  Did you know, these sterling silver marquis are also handmade, not just the glass, the whole thing!

    Touch of Gold Necklace

    For years I have heard women say ” I want to wear gold, but everything I own is silver and I don’t have any way to incorporate gold”…well here you go ladies.  This necklace is 99% sterling silver with just a touch of gold,  brass actually.  The charms are as follows, brass drop, sterling spear, brass painted long drop, sterling long drop, abalone flower charm.  Available in long or short on the website.

    Nadia Earrings

    Originally my intention was to add a glass piece to the bottom of this lovely amethyst chain but I ended up feeling like a metal drop worked better.  These are also available in a silver/turquoise color combo.

    Water Drop Necklaces

    These charm necklaces feature a swirly transparent blue glass drop that has been melted and drilled through.  Available in sterling silver and gold filled versions, both of which have the beautiful abalone flower charm.

    I had to do a few color options….

    The Claire Necklace

    After 3 women asked me for a necklace the size of the Maria Studs I had to make the Claire Necklace.  And since Claire was the first to ask, she gets the necklace named after her!

    Thank you Claire!

    6 colors are available on the website in either gold filled or sterling silver, but I can do this style in pretty much any color.  I have been wearing a dark grey one myself.

    And how great is this picture of the moss green, thanks for the grayc glass selfie Brooke!  Moss green has been really popular for spring!

    The Maria Studs have been re-photographed, the original pictures I took were just not good enough (although every picture I take could be better…baby steps) so you will find new pictures on the website….

    As well as a few new colors…..

    Well I know I am giving you a lot of info here…..there is more new work but I will let you surf the site to see all of it.  Here are a few updates on what is happing in my grayc glass world……

    I sell more white jewelry than any other color- it goes with everything, and it is pretty fun to mix with other colors, so I have created a new section of the website- the White Collection….for all that is white.


    Terese Earrings

    This random picture I took one morning created a storm of orders for the Terese earrings…..These have been on the website for a month now and they are available in sterling silver and gold filled and are a grey glass that is iridized (like a fish scale).  These earrings are such a beautiful neutral!

    Local Shoppers & Friends

    If you want to see my work in person, come say hello at the Saturday Farmers Markets in Chico California, I am there most weekends…..I always post that I will be going to the market multiple times throughout the week so check my social media to see if I will be there.

    Also, make sure you are on my email list to hear about fun local events like this Sip & Shop I do a few times a year at Bidwell Perk- did you know they serve wine?  AHHH yes they do!

    That’s all friends, I hope you will follow me on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest for behind the scenes  and in process pictures……

    *The good photography is by Marianna Chambard Photography

    I am grateful for your attention!


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