• Spring can’t get here fast enough! Am I right? ?>

    Spring can’t get here fast enough! Am I right?

    Not sure about all of you….. but I am over the cold, over the rain, ready for some sun, flip flops & tank tops!  For the last two months I have been working on my new Spring Jewelry Collection and It is here!!!  And I hope it gets you excited to shed some layers and maybe add a new piece of jewelry to your collection.  While you will see a bunch of new work already on the website, I am actually still in the process of loading the new pieces on there, so definitely check back!

    So, here is just a highlight of what is new for Spring, plus part of my process and what I have been up too….CLICK on the pictures to SHOP

    This Spring I have a bunch of new easy to wear pieces…..pieces that can be layered and worn often, and with lots of color options…..


    These are my new Tosh Earrings….yes, I had just been watching Tosh.0 and that is where the name came from, it is completely random- But what is exciting about these earrings is that this is the smallest little drop I have ever made, and it makes these so light and fun for Spring.  And I now have an amazing artist making me these hoops consistently and quickly so they are up on the website.  With color options!


    My new Alloy Necklace is a 99% metal necklace with one small glass charm – available in Sterling Silver or Gold filled and of course, with lots of color options.  It is very lightweight and you can easily adjust and wear at 32 or 24 inches, check out the pics below….

    Sterling Silver worn at 24 inches


    Gold Filled worn at 32 inches


    If you have been following me for a while you will remember a few years ago I created a Crystal Collection. I recreated that collection here, but made it thinner, lighter and added a hand stamped “grayc glass” tag on the chain…..

    here is an in process picture of the color options…


    And the finished product, the grayc glass Tag Necklace


    With lots of color options- and available in Sterling Silver too!!!


    At the beginning of every new year, I analyze what worked and what didn’t work the prior year.  Last year my best selling necklace was my bar necklace.  Gold filled, sterling silver, beaded, just chain… they all sold and are STILL selling.  The bars are handmade, they are a flattering length, they are fun and easy to wear, and can be worn alone or layered with other pieces.

    bar-collageSo, in creating my Spring Collection, I would be a fool to not create some more pieces like the bars…..

    may I introduce you to my Beaded Bar!

    Available in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled


    Here I have the Turquoise Beaded Bar layered with another favorite of mine right now,

    the Gingko White Diamond Necklace


    My new Circle Collar Necklaces are already popular and they have only been on the site for 2 days- just like the bar, they are fun to layer and easy to wear.  They are handmade and actually half hammered; half the circle is smooth, and the other half is hand hammered for a unique look.


    Layered with my Lovely Lariat Necklace


    Who knew black hearts were so popular, I have a black heart necklace and this ring now up on the website!


    I could go on and on but I have work to do and kids to feed!

    Thanks for reading- I love and appreciate comments!




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