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    How to wear, The Jody Necklace

    The Jody Necklace is going to surprise you.

    Not only is it a 2 in 1 layered necklace, but it can be worn long or short!

    Read on my friends…..

    The Jody Necklace is available in either a Swirly white and black, or Tahoe Blue fused glass pendant.  It is bezel set, so the glass sits in a antiqued silver setting.  The glass is melted for 14 hours to fit perfectly into this setting.

    It has 2 different sterling silver chains that are connected at the back and the shorter of the 2 has a handmade hammered square charm.

    The fun surprise is that this piece can be worn short…..

    OR, you can unclasp it and wear it long…..

    Notice the little charm ends up down by the pendant.  The lobster clasp sits at the back of your neck.

    I know…..versatility is makes this piece EVEN more fabulous!

    In all of these photos I am wearing the 20 inch Jody, and when I open it up to wear it long it is a bit TOO long on me, so let me tell you a trick…..

    To shorten it up a bit, just link the lobster clasp back on itself a few inches, and put it over your head…. 

    And if you love to coordinate your earrings with your necklace, the Aurora Earrings have the same hand hammered charm on on them.  

    *the Aurora Earrings also come in a smaller size option.

    The last style option….. I love to wear the Jody with a button up…

    Shop the Jody Necklace HERE

    Shop the Aurora Earrings HERE

    Hope you love the Jody Necklace!


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    1. I have aways loved the pieces where the glass is the focus and the charm enhances. By the way , you are the best model of your jewelry!

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