• New Birthstone Necklaces, and beautiful new grayc glass pics! ?>

    New Birthstone Necklaces, and beautiful new grayc glass pics!

    Where to begin!!!???  Every year summer is a great time for my business as it is a rebuilding-restocking-reorganizing time for me.  Business slows down a bit (there is an actual term for this in the small business retail world called the “summer slump”) as families go on vacation and put their $$ into their vacations.  I have been going to the Chico Farmers Market regularly as people are still coming to shop- thanks to social media letting them know I will…

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    Behind the Scenes Video ?>

    Behind the Scenes Video

    Well hello there!!! If you have been following me for a while, you know that recently I have been creating more video posts to showcase my work, my life as an artist, promote giveaways etc….I don’t love doing these videos for all the reasons you would not love doing one, but man are they great for my business!  So here is a peek into what I am working on now and what I fill my days with (besides raising 3 cute boys)….thanks…

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    Circle Mosaic Nightlights ?>

    Circle Mosaic Nightlights

    They are here!  My square mosaic nightlights have been my biggest selling nightlight design for years.  This circle shape is harder to make but they are just lovely and I think they will be a HOT item!  I have been working on this new circle mosaic design for a few weeks and they are online and ready for purchase.  My nightlights are the perfect piece of functional art, and I have sold over 10,000 nightlights since I started making them 12…

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    Silver cuff bracelets/ new jewelry online/ fun mosaic nightlights! ?>

    Silver cuff bracelets/ new jewelry online/ fun mosaic nightlights!

    Well hello friends~  Here is a quick lowdown on what is happening at grayc glass…. This week I whipped up a few mosaic nightlights but instead of doing my standard square shape, I made them circles, it was a bit more work but they turned out beautiful!  I will be making more and adding them to the website, so stay tuned- and message me to pre-order.   I have been looking for a sign for my farmers market table for…

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    The Bar Necklace, my favorite trend for Spring ?>

    The Bar Necklace, my favorite trend for Spring

    Happy Monday! If you follow me on social media I am sure you have seen the posts about my new Bar Necklaces….they are a BIG trend for spring, but unlike other trends that you might stop wearing after a season, I think these are here to stay.  They are so easy to wear if you are a minimalist in the jewelry department, or if you love to layer it up….here are some of my favorite looks to emulate….found on pinterest and…

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    This Week in Pictures… ?>

    This Week in Pictures…

    Pre Mother’s Day is always a busy time for me, I continue to make new jewelry up until Mothers Day….. here is some that will be at the Farmers Market this weekend, then available on the website after mothers day… Blue cuffs are a fun piece of arm candy These are my new bar necklaces hanging in my studio- they don’t look very exciting here, but they are the perfect addition to create the layered look that is so popular right now…..yes, they…

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    New grayc glass Jewelry for Spring 2016 ?>

    New grayc glass Jewelry for Spring 2016

    I hope you have had a chance to check out my new and improved www.graycglass.com website Spring is my favorite season to create new product for! My biggest challenge is creating jewelry outside of the coral-light blue color scheme- as this is what sells the most every year. Here is just some of what is new on the website for spring… My Sierra Necklace was a best seller last year, so I have made it in light blue to take us…

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    MY NEW WEBSITE IS LIVE!!!! Here goes nothing… ?>

    MY NEW WEBSITE IS LIVE!!!! Here goes nothing…

    BIG BIG NEWS~ My new website site is NOW LIVE! And you are the first to hear about it…..the fabulous 130 people who subscribed to my blog a few months ago- can’t thank you enough! Check it out here and let me know what you think- I would love your feedback… I will be posting to all my social media tonight, but I thought I would let you take a peek first…. http://graycglass.com Well it has been quite a crazy…

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    Lots going on here in my little world ?>

    Lots going on here in my little world

    Between creating new jewelry for spring, increasing inventory for Valentines sales, and filling orders, I have been hard at work on my new website.  I am really excited about it, and excited to FINISH it so I can show it off!!!  But in the meantime I thought I would send a little update to what has been happening at grayc glass in the last few weeks! If you follow me on social media, you have seen lots of hearts- love- valentines…

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    For the love of CORAL ?>

    For the love of CORAL

    Coral has always been one of my favorite colors to work with; not too red, not to pink. And in jewelry, it seems to go really well with most blues and greys.  Here are a few pieces I just added to the website today, and some oldies but goodies from www.graycglass.com. Thanks for taking a moment to check it out! ~Courtney