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    My Holiday Gift Guide is here….. ?>

    My Holiday Gift Guide is here…..

    Happy Holidays~ I wish you could all come to my local farmers market so we could talk gifting face to face. When customers come to my booth, I have them tell me who they are shopping for. Once I know the age & style of the female they are shopping for, I know exactly what jewelry to suggest! So, here is my guide to gifting grayc glass this holiday….. ~The young ladies in your life~ My Maria Studs are popular…

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    SOOO EXCITING! My website is blowing up!!! ?>

    SOOO EXCITING! My website is blowing up!!!

    I am shaking writing this blog post!!! On an average Thursday by noon (the time I am writing this blog post) I usually have about 20 people that have been to my website….and I am grateful for it, business is great. Today, I have had 1,900….yes, 1,900! Let me tell you what is going on…. So, I have a life coach.  And as all life coaches are supposed to do, she is changing my life. I have been listening to…

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    A day in the life of a glass artist/mom/entrepreneur ?>

    A day in the life of a glass artist/mom/entrepreneur

    Hi friends, This is going to be an average day in the life of ME! According to my phone…. I have taken a photo every few hours of my day yesterday in order to answer a few questions I get all the time….. “How often do you actually work on glass?” “Who does your marketing?” “Do you like working from home?” and my favorite “Your business seems like it is booming????” But first…..coffee. I wake at 5am and work on…

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    “Let’s Rock Spring!” Jewelry Collection ?>

    “Let’s Rock Spring!” Jewelry Collection

    Brace yourself, this is a long one, but I think you will enjoy… I had so much fun designing my new 2018 spring collection, it was a collaboration of creating styles I have not done before, and revisiting styles that have sold well in the past.  Spring is my favorite season to design jewelry for and I hope you love how grayc glass is ROCKING SPRING! The Marlie Necklace- in white The Marlie Necklace is a 2 in 1 necklace…

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    Best Sellers & Selfies of 2017~ Let’s GO 2018! ?>

    Best Sellers & Selfies of 2017~ Let’s GO 2018!

    I am always excited to enter into a new year, grateful that I am still able to do what I love.  After another wonderful/crazy holiday season (the best one ever for grayc glass!) I am happy to take an overview of what I did right, what I did wrong, what sold the best, what didn’t.  This will keep my product line fresh and help me create pieces you want to add to your collection. So, here are the top sellers…

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    New arrivals are here… Earrings to update your fall look ?>

    New arrivals are here… Earrings to update your fall look

    Welcome to an official grayc glass blog post- not just an email blast to everyone on my email list, but this post gets put on the website so feel free to leave a comment, I love comments!!!! Before I start talking earrings, I want to tell you something you might not know about grayc glass.  I do custom work. What this means; if you are really loving a certain pair of earrings on my website (for example) but you wish they were smaller…

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    Spring can’t get here fast enough! Am I right? ?>

    Spring can’t get here fast enough! Am I right?

    Not sure about all of you….. but I am over the cold, over the rain, ready for some sun, flip flops & tank tops!  For the last two months I have been working on my new Spring Jewelry Collection and It is here!!!  And I hope it gets you excited to shed some layers and maybe add a new piece of jewelry to your collection.  While you will see a bunch of new work already on the website, I am…

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    Great things never came from comfort zones ?>

    Great things never came from comfort zones

    This little saying has been my mantra this year, more than ever I am pushing myself to do things I am not comfortable with doing, in order to continue to grow this little business of mine. In fact, lately when considering what direction to go or what choice to make, I am often choosing to do what I am most nervous about doing. Basically, if the thought of doing something makes me want to throw up- it is probably the…

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    Circle Mosaic Nightlights ?>

    Circle Mosaic Nightlights

    They are here!  My square mosaic nightlights have been my biggest selling nightlight design for years.  This circle shape is harder to make but they are just lovely and I think they will be a HOT item!  I have been working on this new circle mosaic design for a few weeks and they are online and ready for purchase.  My nightlights are the perfect piece of functional art, and I have sold over 10,000 nightlights since I started making them 12…

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    This Week in Pictures… ?>

    This Week in Pictures…

    Pre Mother’s Day is always a busy time for me, I continue to make new jewelry up until Mothers Day….. here is some that will be at the Farmers Market this weekend, then available on the website after mothers day… Blue cuffs are a fun piece of arm candy These are my new bar necklaces hanging in my studio- they don’t look very exciting here, but they are the perfect addition to create the layered look that is so popular right now…..yes, they…

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