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    How to wear, The Jody Necklace ?>

    How to wear, The Jody Necklace

    The Jody Necklace is going to surprise you. Not only is it a 2 in 1 layered necklace, but it can be worn long or short! Read on my friends….. The Jody Necklace is available in either a Swirly white and black, or Tahoe Blue fused glass pendant.  It is bezel set, so the glass sits in a antiqued silver setting.  The glass is melted for 14 hours to fit perfectly into this setting. It has 2 different sterling silver…

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    How to wear, the Aiden Necklace ?>

    How to wear, the Aiden Necklace

    Hi friends! I thought once a week I would do a blog post showing you some simple style ideas for some of my jewelry designs. Keep in mind #1 I am a jewelry artist, not a stylist and #2 I am not a model. But the chances are, you aren’t either! So onward! This week I am featuring the Aiden Necklace. It is a 2 in 1 necklace so the layering is done for you. Direct links to pieces are…

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    Jewelry Sets are here! ?>

    Jewelry Sets are here!

    I love helping women coordinate their jewelry and create a look they love. Often, I am asked “I love this necklace, what earrings would you recommend to wear with it?” Some women want to match, some just want to coordinate, either way, “jewelry sets” have been on my mind. So here we go….. The jewelry sets are live on the website, you can save 15% by buying the set! These will available “online only” for about a week to 2…

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    Spring can’t get here fast enough! Am I right? ?>

    Spring can’t get here fast enough! Am I right?

    Not sure about all of you….. but I am over the cold, over the rain, ready for some sun, flip flops & tank tops!  For the last two months I have been working on my new Spring Jewelry Collection and It is here!!!  And I hope it gets you excited to shed some layers and maybe add a new piece of jewelry to your collection.  While you will see a bunch of new work already on the website, I am…

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    The Bar Necklace, my favorite trend for Spring ?>

    The Bar Necklace, my favorite trend for Spring

    Happy Monday! If you follow me on social media I am sure you have seen the posts about my new Bar Necklaces….they are a BIG trend for spring, but unlike other trends that you might stop wearing after a season, I think these are here to stay.  They are so easy to wear if you are a minimalist in the jewelry department, or if you love to layer it up….here are some of my favorite looks to emulate….found on pinterest and…

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