• An artist’s life- according to my iPhone ?>

    An artist’s life- according to my iPhone

    Well first let me start by saying, I have 100% stolen the title “life according to my iPhone” from an interior designer I love and have been following for years…. at least once a month she does a blog post with this title and they are my favorite as I feel like I get to look into her world and what she does on a day to day basis.  Amber Interiors website is amazing,  and yes, her blog posts and pictures and life is more amazing than mine, she will inspire you.

    Moving on, I have been busy producing lots of new work, getting stocked up for the holidays and such…..so here is my life according to my iPhone….

    Last week I had a sale~ I don’t have many but this was a great one and lots of people took the opportunity to stock up on Christmas gifts, and hopefully a piece or two for themselves.  Thank you!


    A peek inside my kiln….sometimes I like to lay everything out in a cute pattern, why not?


    Wedding Chicks did a giveaway of 5 pairs of my bridal studs~ such a compliment


    If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you get to see all my fun in studio pics, I am really loving the Stories feature on Instagram, I find I post there most throughout the day.





    Had a little wine time with some other chico lady entrepreneurs – Excited for next time ladies!


    This lovely girl is my twin sister, Kelly, she has been one of my biggest supporters, consultants, sounding boards, and cheerleader, from the very beginning of grayc glass.  She and my niece Kendall were so sweet to model my Mother & Daughter heart necklaces.  Click HERE to see more of the hearts.


    A few weeks ago I got in this beautiful garnet beaded chain, find my new Garnet Bar Necklace on the website HERE

    garnet-collageMy Layered Collar Necklace is my favorite new necklace for fall- and I made this multi-color one on a whim and it has turned out to be a best seller, it is unique, fun, and every one has slightly different beads.  Find it HERE


    Last year before Christmas I was at Starbucks and they had greeting cards for sale with their gift cards- I thought it was SUCH a great idea!  Here is why…..You buy a gift card, then have to get a greeting card to put it in, because you can’t just hand someone a $30 gift card and say “Thanks for being a great teacher to my kid”- you need to write a special message!  So, I have 3 different greeting cards to choose from, they are handmade cards by a calligraphy artist and you can choose the $$ amount you want your gift card for- SHOPPING DONE!  Find all my Greeting Card & Gift Card Combo’s HERE


    Go these beautiful handmade OM charms in and have added one piece to the website so far, more are on the way with these charms included.  Find my OM necklace HERE




    I have been working hard to add more “One of a kind” pieces to the website, like these sterling silver pieces, find all the new jewelry HERE


    That is just a bit of what I have been up too~  Thanks for reading!





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    1. Hi Courtney,
      Loved our get together and here’s to next time!! Your new bracelets are gorgeous! Such beautiful styles. You always add some new inspirations to your collection. Your sis and niece–so sweet!
      xx, Heather

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