• Behind the Scenes- grayc glass for the Holidays ?>

    Behind the Scenes- grayc glass for the Holidays

    Well friends~  I am not going to go on and on about how busy of a holiday season it has been for me- because I know it has been just as busy for you too!  Although it has been a bit wild, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness at all the support for my little business…..

    Here is a look at what I have been up too planning and executing a grayc glass Holiday Season….

    I spent a few hours tracing and cutting out intricate sparkly snowflakes to use as a backdrop for my website pictures…..yes, I take huge inspiration from Anthropologie, their window styling and amazing branding fires me up!   If you haven’t been to my website in a while- take a look here www.graycglass.com


    I had a quick photoshoot to get some style shots of my favorite pieces


    My Birthstone Necklaces have been a best seller this holiday I think they will continue to sell well year round, thank you Kristi for this beautiful picture you sent of yours!  Find them on the website HERE


    My Instagram & Facebook accounts have been a focus for me, I gave snapchat a try for a week and it just didn’t feel right, so I am sticking with my 2 favorites- I have been trying to update consistently once or twice a day…..


    How cool it is to have your friend launch an amazing book, and wear your ring on the cover…..find Kristy Ayala’s website and get her book HERE


    My mentor (a friend who might not know she is a mentor, but she is) gave me some great advice that I need to continue to have style bloggers and influencers wear my work…..I reached out to Nickie Vu and she blogged some beautiful pictures of my Swirly Grey Rectangle Ring, find her blog post HERE


    If you have been with me from the beginning you might have one of my plates or dishes, this is how grayc glass got started and so much work went into these pieces……since then the jewelry, nightlights and lighting have taken over and I had a sale of some of my last remaining pieces…..img_9321

    Just a few of the beautiful grayc glass selfies I received within the last month- I always appreciate getting these pictures, especially since I know they are SOOO hard to take!



    This one is mine- my cell phone is cracked so the lighting in the corners is a bit distracting but why don’t we call it “artistic”?  LOL

    My son took this cool pic for the website- my hope is for people to know grayc glass is handmade in a little studio by one person (me of course)- and I think this pic conveys that.studio-pic-cropped

    Had a Cyber Monday Sale for people who wanted to spend over $100!!!!!  Record sales!


    Yesterday was my last Chico Farmers Market, I actually wore my snow boots- FREEZING, but worth it!


    Lastly, if you have the good luck of living in my hometown (Chico Ca) there are still a few more days to pick up some grayc glass, I have a large inventory and am making new work every day.  For example you might might message me with “I was hoping you had a blue ring in stock?”…..and I can shoot you a pic…


      Happy Holidays,  and thank you for making mine so special!


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