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    Holiday gift guide

    As always, I have to put together a little gift guide for the holidays!

    Especially if you are new to my work, I hope this will help you narrow down the perfect piece for the specific woman in your life.

    Pretty sure this is obvious, but if you click on the red products names you will be directed to the exact pieces on the website….easy!

    ~The Keep it small & delicate woman~

    Are you shopping for a woman who…..

    Loves small minimal jewerly….or

    Has a job that requires they keep jewelry pretty small (ie nurse)

    Falls in love with a pieces and simply never takes it off?

    Well then, the Jenny Earrings and or Claire Necklace is a great option for you.

    They come in a bunch of colors of course….

    They are a beautiful little pop of color, and strung on either sterling silver or gold filled, quality metals that wear well.

    *These are also great pieces if you are looking for a younger girl.

    ~The Go BIG or go home jewelry woman~

    If the woman you are buying for likes to make a statement with her jewelry, here are a few pieces to consider.  

    First, my Venice Hoops.  They come in 5 colors, this color is called Toffee, a combination of mustard and brown glass, pretty unique.  And they are lightweight!

    My Sage Necklace is a stunner, it is pretty new to the website and women are loving it, as you can see here it comes in Swirly Purple or Ultra Teal.  It features amazonite a stone beaded chain.

    Lastly, my Drop Hoops in Forest Green are such a fun color surprise.  These hoops come in a few colors, the forest green is new and a pretty unique color for jewelry.

    ~The woman already addicted to grayc glass~

    First let me say, I love these woman….

    The woman who have so much of my work, that their husbands or families have no idea what to get them, because who knows what they already have!?!?

    Does she have red? 

    Does she have too much white?

    Does she want more light blue?  


    Ha ha ha, my advice would be to get them a piece under my “New” category as they possibly have something that has been on the website for a while.

    AND, then you can also get them a gift card, it is possible she already has a piece in mind that she wants, so let her pick it out herself!

    *My gift cards come in a variety of $ amounts

    “The Lover of jewelry sets”

    If you are shopping for a woman who loves jewelry sets, OR if you are looking to buy pieces that look great together so she has the option to wear them together…

    Let me give you a tip, when you are on the website looking at a specific page, if you scroll all the way down, I have suggested other pieces to you.  I try to make these pieces to coordinate, in color or style.

    Here are 2 sets I think look great together…

    The Ivy Necklace in Teal, paired with the Bead Bar Necklace in teal. (I also love this combo in the white).

    The 2 Tone Circle Necklace and Molly Earrings in white….other colors available in this style too!

    ~Hard to Buy for, they have everything…..woman~

    If you have been on my email list for a while, you have heard me say this many times before….

    When in doubt, choose white glass pieces.  

    They are my best selling pieces, they seem to go with everything and are unique with the beautiful swirls.

    I have so many white styles, in both sterling silver and gold filled.

    Instead of directing you to a specific piece, here is the link to ALL WHITE Pieces on the site!

    Happy Holidays friends!  Thank you for your support of my work!


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