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    How to wear, the Aiden Necklace

    Hi friends! I thought once a week I would do a blog post showing you some simple style ideas for some of my jewelry designs.

    Keep in mind #1 I am a jewelry artist, not a stylist and #2 I am not a model.

    But the chances are, you aren’t either! So onward!

    This week I am featuring the Aiden Necklace.

    It is a 2 in 1 necklace so the layering is done for you.

    Direct links to pieces are at the end of the post.

    Here are your color and metal options…..

    Could I do another color? You know I can…. Just shoot me a message….

    I choose white, coral, mint, and pale pink as I think they look lovely with the moonstone beads.

    The longer of the 2 chains is either sterling silver or gold filled.

    I also offer a few different lengths and it comes with an extender too!

    The Aiden Necklace in Coral looks great worn with a high neck shirt.

    Also notice how I paired it with a contrasting color…..sometimes NOT matching is a great look.

    The Aiden looks great worn with a shorter bar necklace, this is my new Bead Bar Necklace.

    It creates 3 layers that look a little boho and is also easy to wear.

    I am coordinating it all with my Sasha Earrings in swirly white.

    These earrings look great with dark hair, they pop!

    The Aiden Necklace makes a basic tank top so much more styled.

    SOOO many ladies wear their grayc glass to work.

    I love wearing the Aiden with a collard shirt, and if you like to match earrings, the Maria Studs are available in every color…..

    Shop the Aiden Necklace HERE. Shop the Sasha Earrings HERE. Shop the Bead Bar Necklace HERE. Shop the Maria Studs HERE.

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I would love to hear your comments….


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    1. I love my Aiden necklace but sometimes when I try and lengthen it using the chain it gets twisted🤔. Guess I will stay with the main connection point

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