• How to wear, the Baby Ring ?>

    How to wear, the Baby Ring

    They are not for babies….

    My Baby Rings are named “Baby” simply because I call most little things babies.

    I still call my youngest son a baby even though he is taller than me!

    My Baby Ring is available in a bunch of colors.

    They are made from sterling silver or gold filled metal, both beautiful quality metals.

    Wear them alone, or stack them up….

    They are cut, shaped, and melted in my kiln for over 14 hours.

    Here is my stack, Light Blue Baby Ring, layered with my TINY Baby Ring in Teal, and a hammered band. They make my “artist” hands prettier!

    *Yes, I also make a “Tiny Baby Ring“….

    My assistant Shannon wears her White Baby Ring in Sterling Silver with a hammered bar too!

    Diane wears 2 Tiny Baby Rings, and a white Baby Ring stacked with hammered bands from another artist.  The colors represent birthday’s and her anniversary month!  Love this!

    LOVE everything about Michelle’s ring situation….the nails, the layering, and how the Light Blue Tiny Baby Ring coordinates with her Opal Ring…so fun!

    Jamie’s Moss Green Baby Ring looks like it was made to wear alongside this other light green ring, not sure what that stone is but they look so great together.  She gets extra props for wearing my Carmen Cuff too!  Love this Jamie!

    Can you tell Amy is a grayc glass fan, both hands baby!  She is wearing my Pale Pink Baby Ring with a Black Tiny Baby Ring and then a White Tiny Baby stacked with a Cobalt Baby Ring…love these Amy!

    My friend Jane made herself a “Mother’s Ring”…. her birthstone is the White Baby Ring, and then the 2 Light Blue Tiny Baby Rings represent her twins March birthstones…and I love how she sits them both on one side.

    Shop all my Baby and Tiny Baby rings HERE

    Thank you for the pictures ladies!


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