• How to wear, The Double Circle Necklace ?>

    How to wear, The Double Circle Necklace

    The double circle necklace is the perfect minimal piece to wear alone, or layer with other necklaces.

    The linked circles are handmade by another lovely female artist and are either sterling silver, gold filled or a combo of both.

    And here are some ideas how to wear….

    Layer the Double Circle Necklace with a longer necklace

    Layer your Double Circle Necklace with another layered piece for a 3 layer look….

    You can also layer the double circle necklace with one of my Bar Necklaces, I love this boho inspired look.  *Note, they will sometimes tangle, but it is worth it!

    And lastly, the Double Circle looks great with my little Claire Necklace.

    What is your favorite way to wear the Double Circle Necklace?


    P.S. Shop the Double Circle Necklace HERE

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