• New arrivals are here… Earrings to update your fall look ?>

    New arrivals are here… Earrings to update your fall look

    Welcome to an official grayc glass blog post- not just an email blast to everyone on my email list, but this post gets put on the website so feel free to leave a comment, I love comments!!!!

    Before I start talking earrings, I want to tell you something you might not know about grayc glass.  I do custom work. What this means; if you are really loving a certain pair of earrings on my website (for example) but you wish they were smaller or a different color, all you have to do is shoot me an email and ask.  Often I can and I will!  So often when I am shopping online I wish something came in another color or slightly longer.  So, if you find yourself thinking “If this came in pink it would be perfect”, shoot me an email and ask.  It is one of the benefits of being a small handmade company, and I am happy to do it.

    Now, on to earrings……

    My focus for the past month has been earrings and I am excited to show you all the new pairs I have added to the website in the past week.  First lets start with a pair that is not new, but one of my favorites, a best seller, and a pair that look amazing on everyone.  These Swirly White Cube Hoop Earrings are available in gold filled or hammered sterling silver.  The swirly white glass really pops against brown hair and the white coordinates with so many outfits.  They have been on the website for years but I finally had them professionally photographed……


    New to the website, Coral Cube Hoop Earrings are similar to the white pair above but they have a new textured hoop.  And as I said before, if you wanted the swirly white cubes with this cool new textured hoop, then you just need to email and ask!  No problem!  This swirly coral glass has been a favorite for years and has sold well in a drop shape on the website so the cube is now available…..

    coral-cube-hoops-pretty View More: http://mchambard.pass.us/grayc-glass-earrings

    You might think you have seen this earring before but you have not.  The Feather shape has been around for a while but there is a subtle difference, notice the clear tip at the bottom of this earring.  Just a minor detail but the light catches this little clear tip and shimmers in the sun!  I feel like it creates a truly handmade and unique look.  Have another color in mind?  Message me!

    Clear Tip Earrings in Turquoise


    Up close and personal….


    My Sea Drop Earrings are the most beautiful ocean blue glass.  The sheet of glass that I cut these earrings from is actually named “sea glass blue”.  These earrings are transparent so the light shoots right through them, they look beautiful if you have lighter colored hair, or wear your hair up.  If you have dark hair like Melissa they will be an understated earring when you wear your hair down as they will blend a bit into the color of your hair.   They come on sterling silver.

    View More: http://mchambard.pass.us/grayc-glass-earringssea-drops

    Now how fun are these!!!!!  So my Purple Striped Earrings can be made in lots of other colors, I choose purple just because I have been asked to make more purple lately.  3 layers of glass make these little cubes, they melt in the kiln for 14 hours and then I drill through the glass with a hand drill.  Available in sterling silver and gold filled.purple-striped-earrings

    As you can see, they are definitely a statement earring, I can make a smaller version for someone who doesn’t wear such a big earring…..

    View More: http://mchambard.pass.us/grayc-glass-earrings

    Another best seller for years now, my Yellow Feather Earrings got their first “official photo shoot” and I am thrilled with the pictures.  These bright yellow earrings are a pair I have worn for years and speak for themselves….

    View More: http://mchambard.pass.us/grayc-glass-earrings


    Mustard is such a great color for fall and yet I don’t often see it in jewelry, so here you go, the Medium Hoop Earrings in Mustard.  Also notice that these hoops are not as large as my normal hoops.  I have found that some women think my hoops are too big for them so I have gotten some smaller hoops for the ladies that want a statement earring but not something quite as big as the first hoops listed in this blog post.



    ~Party on the Side Earrings~

    These new earrings are 100% handmade in the USA.  I make the glass bead and I buy the handmade hammered hoops from another female artist.  These have been in the works for a while and because they are so much work I almost didn’t put them on the website.  But I think they are so unique and unexpected, I HAD too!  This color combination is very “anthropologie” looking (If you are a fan of anthropologie you will understand).  I grind down the turquoise and cobalt glass and melt them together.  Then I grind them into a bead shape and melt again (for a total of 14 hours).  Then I hand drill each bead and string on the hoops.   I am tired just writing about it!  This is just the first of many color combinations, so message me if you have a color in mind (I know I will get messages requesting colors of your favorite sports teams- and yes, I am ready to do it!).  Available in sterling silver and gold filled wires.


    From the Front- a simple turquoise hoop….

    View More: http://mchambard.pass.us/grayc-glass-earrings

    And now….it’s a party on the side!party-on-the-side-side-melissa

    Another earring that is a best seller and got its first photo shoot, the Wee Drop Earring in swirly white.  They are the smallest “hang down” earring I make and are of course available in both sterling silver and gold filled ear wires.  They come in a bunch of colors, this is the best selling color as it goes with everything…..


    Photo shoot fabulous…..

    View More: http://mchambard.pass.us/grayc-glass-earrings

    Well, I appreciate you subscribing and reading my blog- you might notice there is one pair of earrings in the bottom picture that is not in this blog post- consider this a sneak peek of another style of earring that I know is going to be HOT!  Stay tuned!  And in the mean time, if you feel like you “NEED” a new pair of grayc glass earrings, here is a coupon code for $5.00 off a pair.


     *Coupon expires Friday 10/20/17 and can only be used online*



    Thanks so much!


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    1. I always love a sneak peek of your new collections, Courtney. Oh, the sea glass shades–swoon! You have such a unique style and I love the introduction of new shades like your ‘grey’ collection. Perfect for fall!
      Love your blog!
      xx, Heather

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