• New grayc glass Jewelry for Spring 2016 ?>

    New grayc glass Jewelry for Spring 2016

    I hope you have had a chance to check out my new and improved www.graycglass.com website

    Spring is my favorite season to create new product for! My biggest challenge is creating jewelry outside of the coral-light blue color scheme- as this is what sells the most every year. Here is just some of what is new on the website for spring…

    My Sierra Necklace was a best seller last year, so I have made it in light blue to take us into Spring! It is a double chain that is linked at the clasp and easy to wear. Apatite blue beaded chain is layered with either gold filled or sterling silver. Find it HERE

    blue sierra both cropped
    Sierra Necklace in Blue

    The Sasha Earring is my new earring for Spring 2016! A colored piece of glass is cut and shaped, then fused in my kiln, then drilled through. Strung on hammered drop hoops in either gold filled or sterling silver. It is the lightest in weight of all my hoop earrings, they are fun and available HERE in tons of colors! This pair is Iridized grey on gold filled hoops.

    Sasha taupe
    Sasha Iridized Taupe Earrings

    I love green, I don’t sell a lot of it but I continue to make it because I love it! This layered necklace is a little bohemian, very simple, but still makes a statement with bright green glass beaded chain layered and linked at the clasp, find it HERE

    Kelly collage
    Kelly Green Necklace

    My new Peace Collection features a little dove charm worked into the chain design. I have this necklace in sterling silver, gold filled, short, and, long chains.  Here is just one of the colors and lengths available, find it HERE

    lavender oval cropped
    Peace Necklace in Swirly Lavender

    The Coral Jade Necklace features new coral jade beading that I am fired up about! I have had a hard time finding coral colored beading and this is a pale coral color that you will love for spring. Paired with a swirly clear and white fused glass drop because it goes with EVERYTHING! Find this necklace HERE

    coral drop full
    Coral Jade Necklace

    My One of a kind Mosaic Sea Ring is the perfect statement ring for Spring.

    It is on a gold plated adjustable base. Find it HERE

    Mosaic Sea Ring collage
    Mosaic Sea Ring on gold

    Normally I reserve the deep browns and greens for fall, but I could not resist this earthy swirly glass. Find a few pieces in my “one of a kind” jewelry category, and find this Lotus Necklace in Swirly Brown & Green HERE

    brown diamond close
    Lotus Necklace in Swirly Brown & Green

    It wouldn’t be a spring collection with a bright yellow- so here you are! Yellow Cube Earrings on sterling silver components and ear wires. Find them HERE

    yellow cube 2 cropped
    Yellow Cube Earrings

    Over the years I have had so many requests for “Ocean Inspired” or “Sea Inspired” jewelry that I added a category to my home page for all grayc glass that I believe fits this description. You will find these small earrings there, as well as other grayc glass that makes you long for the beach. Middy Earrings in Blue & White on gold filled, find them HERE

    middy blue white hand
    Middy Earrings in Blue & White

    My new Blue Reef Necklace is my favorite for Spring, the coral beaded clusters are so unique and add the perfect pop of color to any fused glass pendant. This pendant is a beautiful true blue. Find it HERE

    Blue Reef Necklace full
    Blue Reef Necklace

    For the first time ever I am selling a collection of simple chain necklaces. No glass pendants to compete with this fabulous beading. These are perfect for layering too! Find all 5 colors available HERE


    grey chain collage
    Chain Necklace in Grey Denim

    Cabos Necklace~ This new design is all about the chain, cornerless bronze cubes, variegated crystal beads, and mustard glass beads on gold plated chain with a fused glass swirly white and clear bar. Find it HERE

    cabos laying
    Cabos Necklace

    grayc glass Cuff Bracelets
    I have a few new colors of cuff bracelets available for Spring. These cuffs are a simple look alone or perfect for layering with other bracelets. Find this swirly black & white cuff bracelet HERE

    bulk white bracelet arm
    Swirly Black & White Cuff Bracelet

    Thanks for reading~ There is EVEN more new jewelry on the website so I hope you take a moment and surf my site- feel free to pin any pictures you love to pinterest, or share with your friends!


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