• The Best Jewelry to take on your Summer Vacation ?>

    The Best Jewelry to take on your Summer Vacation

    Summer is almost here!

     And while I have over 300 pieces of jewelry on the website, I thought I would round up some of my best pieces to take on your summer vacation……I am thinking pieces that are easy to wear, lightweight, and can go with multiple outfits….

    Here are a few of my favorites…

    These Swirly White Cube Hoops  go with everything, and because of this, they have been a best seller from the start.  They are available in hand hammered sterling silver, or gold filled hoops, and are light weight enough to wear all day.  They capture the light and seem to sparkle in the sun!  Pack these earrings and you will wear them a few times on your summer vacation.

    Swirly White Cube Hoop Earrings

    My Circle Collar Necklaces (available in gold filled and in Sterling Silver) are perfect to not only take on your summer vacation, but to wear the whole time!  You can wear it alone for a simple look like below, or layer it like the second picture…..It is one of the few necklaces I make that you can wear hiking, sleeping, working out etc….


    Here it is layered up in gold filled~

    Circle Collar Necklace, Lily Necklace 2 tone, Swirly White Drop Hoop Earrings

    I whipped up these little guys for a girlfriend who was going on vacation and she didn’t want to take her diamond studs. She wanted something easy she could wear with lots of different outfits- every time I see them on her I think “DAMN, those are so cute on her!”- so here they are:

    Turquoise Diamond Earrings

      My Tahoe Blue Ring is the most lovely shade of blue that reminds me of the waters of Tahoe.  This color screams SUMMER to me, take it on your vacation to make any outfit pop!

    Tahoe Blue Circle Ring- adjustable

    My Sierra Necklace in Light Blue is back in stock and a great pick for your summer vacation.  It is 2 necklaces in 1 and already layered for you- EASY!  And this color looks amazing on a tan body!

    Sierra Necklace in Light Blue

    Obviously the most lightweight of all my earrings, if you are a girl who loves small earrings, my Wee drops are for you- available in all of these colors, or email me if you have another color in mind…


    Last month I went on a fabulous Palm Springs Vacation and my Light Blue Circle Ring was my go too grayc glass, and my girlfriend got this cool picture……


    Who better to give vacation packing advice than a travel consultant?  Heather Lindstrom, Travel Advisor at Curated Travel, and blogger at Style*Mind*Chic Life thrilled me when she took her grayc glass ring on her trip to Paris and Italy last year.  She worked it into her look on more than on occasion…..


    Check out Heathers Latest Blog post on Packing Tips- Edited Accessories


    Contact Heather to help you plan the trip of your dreams!  My mom and dad just did and they can’t wait for their trip!

    Hope you take some grayc glass on your amazing Summer Vacation- and I would love to see pictures, so email or tag me friends!



    3 thoughts on “The Best Jewelry to take on your Summer Vacation

    1. I always love packing my signature jewelry from grayc glass, Courtney. Putting that blue statement ring on in Paris made me feel like I had a little slice of Chico with me.
      Your new pieces are fabulous! I’m always enamored with your blues/greens and sea colors.
      Thanks for the shoutout to my Curated Travel business! Wonderful post!
      xx, Heather

      1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, your blog has been such inspiration for me, you are a great writer- something I am constantly trying to get better at! Thank YOU for the inspiration!

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