• What a great 2015! ?>

    What a great 2015!

    “You like me, you really like me!”

    Thanks for all that subscribed to my blog!  2015 was an amazing year for grayc glass.

    There was a time long ago when I would beg my BFF’s to send me a photo of them wearing my jewelry, now I don’t even have to ask, women I have never met all over the country send me the most lovely pics, here are only a few from last year…..

    year in selfies
    some grayc glass selfies of 2015

    Thank you for all the ladies who send me beautiful pictures wearing their grayc glass!

    Moving onto 2016, here are some new pieces I just uploaded to the website today.  Most of them are in my “one of a kind” category.  When you purchase the “one of a kind” pieces, you get that exact piece, often too unique to replicate, or the chain/charms are the last of the last.  This category has become by far the best selling part of my website….find it HERE

    brown diamond laying
    Swirly Long Charm Necklace

    Swirly Long Charm Necklace $92.00

    amber jade laying
    Amber & Blue Jade Necklace

    Amber & Blue Jade Necklace $78.00

    black white laying
    Swirly Grey Bar Necklace

    Swirly Grey Bar Necklace $68.00

    red drop laying copy
    Baby Red Necklace

    Baby Red Necklace $65.00

    green heart laying
    Green Heart Necklace

    Green Heart Necklace $68.00

    swirly grn drop me
    Blue/Green Drop Necklace

    Blue/Green Drop Necklace $88.00

    red rec close
    Red with Turquoise Swirl Necklace

    Red with Turquoise Swirl Necklace $92.00

    lily black laying
    Lily Black Necklace

    Lily Black Necklace $88.00

    Turquoise & Red Necklace

    Turquoise & Red Necklace $78.00

    grey heart close
    One of a Kind Heart Necklace

    One of a Kind Heart Necklace $72.00

    green drop side
    Mint Drop on Amazonite Beads

    Mint Drop on Amazonite Beads $88.00

    whtie rec grey
    Crystal & Faded Denim Necklace

    Crystal & Faded Denim Necklace $92.00

    red turq heart hand
    Baby Heart Necklace

    Baby Heart Necklace $68.00

    Looking forward to this year, stay tuned for lots and lots of new work!



    2 thoughts on “What a great 2015!

    1. You are amazing Courtney! So deserving Sports Illustrated will be begging for you if they haven’t already. Happy NY! The Honeylady. Xox

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      1. Carole! You are too sweet,and too funny! Happy New year to you too- I still miss you at the farmers market! I hope you and your boys are wonderful!

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