• What I wore on my family beach trip ?>

    What I wore on my family beach trip

    We took our 3 boys on a week long beach trip this week. 

    It was wonderful.

    We knew going into it that we would be experiencing this getaway differently….masks, outdoor eating only, and other limitations.  

    I only brought a few pieces of jewelry.  And I thought I would show you my go too’s for a casual beach trip.

    Nothing was fancy about my “look” and I even ended up wearing clothes repeatedly as it was colder than I had planned for.

    But I like to think my grayc glass jewelry made me casual AND cute!

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    First, I hardly took my Luna Necklace off.  

    This is the Luna in gold filled with a swirly white glass charm

    Before my trip I made myself a custom color of Celine Ring.

    Swirly orange melted over white, it turned out beautiful and I wore it every day!

    As you can see, it didn’t match with my sweater, but come on….it was a beach trip! Casual & mix matched was my look!

    *Message me for a custom color of Celine Ring

    My 2 Tone Circle Necklace in light blue looked perfect at the beach.

    I really do wear my Carmen Cuffs a few days a week, they are my favorite.

    I feel like the mask takes my look to the next level….. LOL

    These are my loves…..the 2 tallest turned 17 on the trip!


    P.S. Thank you for being a part of my small business and reading my blog!

    2 thoughts on “What I wore on my family beach trip

    1. LOVE the Luna necklace! And that ring i have been wanting for ages! Does it come in gold or brass too?

      1. Nancy, thank you for this comment, I really do appreciate you reading….I have the Luna necklace on right now! So, the Celine Ring only comes in sterling silver, I wish it came in gold filled but not at this time~

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