• A day in the life of a glass artist/mom/entrepreneur ?>

    A day in the life of a glass artist/mom/entrepreneur

    Hi friends,

    This is going to be an average day in the life of ME!

    According to my phone….

    I have taken a photo every few hours of my day yesterday in order to answer a few questions I get all the time…..

    “How often do you actually work on glass?”

    “Who does your marketing?”

    “Do you like working from home?”

    and my favorite “Your business seems like it is booming????”

    But first…..coffee.

    I wake at 5am and work on my goals, journal and drink the sweet nectar.

    I remember there was a time when someone told me they work up early to journal and I thought it was so annoying- now I am that girl!!!   HA!

    So my business IS booming!  I know that setting big goals, working on my mind and pushing myself beyond limiting beliefs is the magic behind my success.

    I take a few moments in my studio to prep for my day and organize myself.  Here I am painting my kiln shelves so the glass won’t stick to them when it melts.  I had a lot of grinding to do yesterday to prep for.

    My favorite time to work out in in the am, I love yoga.

    I actually just tried Orange Theory and it is pretty fantastic as well!

    After yoga I jump right into work, grinding jewelry down to make it ready to melt.  I was at my grinder for about 3 hours.

    The hardest design to grind is the Kate Studs….

    You can see how small I have to get the glass so it fits into the bezel.

    I take breaks to clean my house or have a snack…..laundry is my life.

    I love working from home because when I do take a break I can get the rest of my life organized.

    A peek in my kiln after a few hours of grinding.

    These pieces will melt for 7 hours & then be glued, or drilled through the next day.

    I took a break to take my baby to get school clothes and supplies.  He is even cuter when he smiles, I swear.

    Back into my studio to do a quick little video to post to Instagram & Facebook.

    After about 5 years of posting videos of myself it is pretty easy.  At first it was soooo intimidating!

    Last job of the day, to edit photos and schedule my social media for the week.

    I do my own marketing and my flat lay pictures.  It is a lot of work but I can’t see handing it off to anyone else anytime soon.

    I have spent hours and hours over the years researching how to market myself, it is a fun part of the process.

    I ended my day with a swim and talking business with my sister.

    Thanks for reading.

    My life is not fancy but I have created a situation that I love.

    I am in complete control of my schedule and I get to call my own shots.

    I can organize my work around being home with my kids…



    4 thoughts on “A day in the life of a glass artist/mom/entrepreneur

    1. Thank you for sharing a day in your life, very interesting.
      I enjoyed reading and you baby is a cute guy, thanks for sharing his picture.

    2. Love you Court. I’m so happy Hannah brought you to me, first as a friend, second as a awesome place to shop, third as an even better friend, fourth a an addiction……what’s next???

      1. Jan! You are wonderful, and I love when you come see me at the market! I so appreciate the support (addiction)- he he he


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