• Great things never came from comfort zones ?>

    Great things never came from comfort zones


    This little saying has been my mantra this year, more than ever I am pushing myself to do things I am not comfortable with doing, in order to continue to grow this little business of mine. In fact, lately when considering what direction to go or what choice to make, I am often choosing to do what I am most nervous about doing. Basically, if the thought of doing something makes me want to throw up- it is probably the right decision! And when I push past the sick feelings and just do it- good things are happening!

    Early this year I received some great advice to hire a photographer and models and get lifestyle photos of my jewelry. The photos that resulted were beautiful and I was beyond thrilled with this decision. But as I continued to evaluate these new photos on my website I worried that they were really not consistent with the brand I have been creating for grayc glass. I felt that my models needed to better reflect my customer in age and style. So, I decided to take a stab at modeling my new fall line and although it was a stressful process for me, I am so happy with this decision and with how they turned out. My photographer is amazing and did such a great job keeping me calm and directing me during the shoot. And her pictures are exactly what my brand needed! Find her website HERE

    Here are a few pictures, and you can see many more throughout my website- HERE


    I have had lots of new followers to my blog and website- thank you for finding me~ I am a glass artist in Northern California, working from my home studio, creating jewelry and lighting. If you want more details about myself or my work click HERE

    Thank you for following my Blog!!!!!

    ~ Courtney

    8 thoughts on “Great things never came from comfort zones

    1. Beautiful! All of it! Amen to stepping out of our comfort zones. Wishing you continued success and continued courage to take those leaps of faith.

    2. Love this post, Courtney! It’s always inspiring to hear stories from my fellow entrepreneurs about pushing ourselves out of comfort zones. Isn’t that name of the game, in the most basic terms? You look beautiful in your photos and the pieces are so fun! See you next week!
      xx, Heather @ Style*MInd*Chic Life

      1. Yes Heather, it is totally the name of the game! Thank you so much for this comment, I am so looking forward to next week!

    3. Loved the pictures so beautiful! I enjoy viewing your creativity and designs, so original and unique. The Best Part is owning your unique pieces.
      Your an inspiration!

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