• SOOO EXCITING! My website is blowing up!!! ?>

    SOOO EXCITING! My website is blowing up!!!

    I am shaking writing this blog post!!!

    On an average Thursday by noon (the time I am writing this blog post) I usually have about 20 people that have been to my website….and I am grateful for it, business is great.

    Today, I have had 1,900….yes, 1,900!

    Let me tell you what is going on….

    So, I have a life coach.  And as all life coaches are supposed to do, she is changing my life.

    I have been listening to the podcast of Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School for about a year now.  Her podcast has resonated with me so much that in February I signed up for her monthly coaching group, Self Coaching Scholars.

    Her work has been positively affecting my business, my parenting, every part of my life.

    So, to make this long story short, I sent Brooke a necklace and a pair of earrings as a thank you.  With no expectations of anything really, except I hoped she loved my work.

    Today, the day she posts her new podcast of the week, she gave me the best, most wonderful shout out any small business could hope for….I was so emotional, I had a hard time even telling Greg he needed to get on the podcast right away to listen!

    Now is your turn…I would love for you to listen to the link below.

    She has hundreds of podcasts and today’s podcast was pretty intense (she even admits this might not be the best episode for new listeners), so after you listen to the “Courtney is amazing” part, I suggest you pause and go to “available episodes” and scroll to a tile that resonates with you, I promise you will not be disappointed.

    I have listened to almost all of them and I am better for it.

    Simply click the image to listen:


    Thank you for visiting my blog & sharing the excitement!




    12 thoughts on “SOOO EXCITING! My website is blowing up!!!

    1. Hi Courtney, Thelma here. I too am a big fan of Brooke Castillo 💕. I went for a walk with my 2 dogs this morning and heard all about you from Brooke. So here I am checking out your website. I must say your creativity is amazing. I love your jewelry. I look forward to one day purchasing a nice piece for myself & my mother. Thank you. Excited for you 👏👏
      Thelma Ivy😘

      1. Thelma, thank you for your comment, I so appreciate you taking the time do write. I am flattered~


    2. Congratulations, Courtney. I listen to her podcasts every Thursday. I, too, am a SCS, and it has changed my life. I am now in the life coach certification program. Best and scariest thing I’ve ever done.

      As I was listening to the September 19th podcast, I thought, “This person’s life is going to change.”

      Your work is beautiful. I have always loved sea glass; we have jars of it in our house. I love the way light and weathering affect the glass. The green-blue glass is my favorite. It’s always spoken to me.

      had to wait for payday to purchase something. Right now I’m trying to decide between earrings and a necklace.

      Again, congratulations. So amazing.


      Jenny Hillger

      1. Jenny, I got chills when I read your comment! Thank you SO much, it has changed! Even by listening to Brooke’s podcast, so I had to join SCS. Life Changing, and then when she gave me this shout out….COME ON! Amazing!

        Thank you again~

    3. I found you, too, through Brooke Castillo’s shout-out. I love the Life Coach School podcast. And, I’ve bought my first piece from you as a gift for my daughter!

    4. That’s how I found you. Ordered right away and have loved your stuff, always get compliments and have given your website to over 6 people! Placing second order today for 3 of my girlfriends. You make the world (and me) feel more beautiful by your art that we get to wear! Thank you ❤️

    5. I listened to Brooke’s podcast last week and memorized your website as I was out for a long walk. Your website is beautiful and your artistry is amazing. I showed it to my husband last night and picked out a ring and a “one-of-a-kind” set. I am so excited and can’t wait to receive them. Thank you so much for the 10% off and free shipping-that is so generous😍
      I learned of Brooke through Corrine Crabtree at PNP.com.
      She is also one of Brooke’s Master coaches if you haven’t heard of her. This jewelry is a gift to myself for losing 35 pounds since September and getting below 200 pounds. I can’t wait to celebrate more milestones with more of your beautiful pieces.

      1. Gloria, I am so flattered that you would seek my website out, and purchase this set as a gift to yourself! How exciting for you, and I definitely know who Corrine is, she is amazing, as so many of Brooke’s coaches are. Thank you again!

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