• This Week in Pictures… ?>

    This Week in Pictures…

    Pre Mother’s Day is always a busy time for me, I continue to make new jewelry up until Mothers Day….. here is some that will be at the Farmers Market this weekend,

    then available on the website after mothers day…

    Blue cuffs are a fun piece of arm candy

    blue bracelets

    These are my new bar necklaces hanging in my studio- they don’t look very exciting here, but they are the perfect addition to create the layered look that is so popular right now…..yes, they will be on the website next week!

    bar necklaces

    I have had requests for more sterling silver…..

    Long 32 inch sterling silver necklaces- one of a kind

    3 necklaces

    I have also had a few ladies ask me to start making some larger & longer pieces….

    this one is my favorite

    swirly pink oval

    My studio this week is a MESS…..but I did get a lot done…

    my desk

    I get lots of beautiful grayc glass selfies and this week my friend Monica sent me this one…..YES!!!! NOW WERE TALKING!!! Featuring my Sierra Necklace layered with my Bar Necklace…LOVE TO MONICA! Find them both HERE

    Monica with watermark 1000

    But the award for cuteness has to go to this little fella, taking a selfie with his Justin Giraffe Nightlight….darling


    Well, back to work…thanks for reading friends!


    me drilling

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    1. I love this lady as a designer and so creative.
      I’m also blessed to call her my friend 🙂 I love all her amazing Jewerly! We are all so lucky to be blessed by her designs!

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